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Welcome to Tenkap, the new relationship consultancy system. Tenkap offers personal service to single men and women only. Candidates go through a one-on-one meeting in order to become a member in the system. Tenkap provides service to people who would like to have a new and compatible relationship and fully protects the confidentiality of its members.

Tenkap is not an online dating platform. This is why you may only have limited information from our web page. During the initial one-on-one meeting at Tenkap, you will receive all necessary information in detail about how the dating system works.

Tenkap team meets with most of the new candidates through current members who have already experienced Tenkap or by special invitation. Tenkap highly values references from its current members. People reaching Tenkap through word of mouth help the team give service to selected individuals whom they already know of.

If you would like to know more about Tenkap’s system, please do not hesitate to contact the team to schedule your free of charge one-on-one first meeting. This meeting can be arranged to take place at Tenkap’s office in Istanbul or through a video conference in case you are not located in Istanbul. The fees of Tenkap and Tenkap Plus are standard for all candidates.

Tenkap Plus is a service provided only to a limited number of people by Yunus Sezener, founder of Tenkap. For further information about Tenkap or Tenkap Plus, you may contact Yunus Sezener directly from:

Yunus Sezener

Yunus Sezener, who has graduated from Uskudar American Academy and Koc University Law Faculty, worked as a Corporate Lawyer for 3 years in the areas of Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance, Energy, Real Estate, Labor Law, Commercial Law and Litigation.

After he had completed his MLB (master of law and business) program in Germany and returned to İstanbul, he decided to change his career. He started working in Randstad which is a recruitment and headhunting company and rendered services to customers engaging in the areas of Law, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication, Finance, Insurance, Food, Engineering along with holdings and start-up companies.

Thereafter, he moved to a management consultancy company, Management Centre Turkey (MCT), and started working as a Client Manager. His job was to understand the needs of the corporate companies and while giving the best and high quality service, to maximize the mutual productivity of the companies and MCT. Yunus Sezener was also accredited to Insights Discovery Behavior Models Inventory in MCT and uses this experience at Tenkap candidate meetings.

His wife Melis and him have founded Hareket Candir that was established with the mission of its members to be motivated to do sports and inspire others to do the same. With Hareket Candir, they have worked for many different social responsibility projects. With similar aim, Yunus Sezener has established with his friends the group Evde Pisirenler where the members are motivated to cook and prepare more food/drinks and inspire others. Thousands of people have met each other at the meetings of these groups and are still meeting. He is working every day for these organisations to move forward and to be better.

He is also the co-founder of the internet start-up (Meet new like-minded people) where people with common interests meet at organisations. Meepple is a fast growing social network where anyone freely can meet other new like-minded people. He has also received proffessional coaching accreditation from ICF approved coaching school Flow Coaching International.

He has realized that his life purpose is to touch people’s lives and make them happy by bringing them together with other people. With this idea, he has established Tenkap in 2014 and is working to change lives by bringing Tenkap and Tenkap Plus members together with utmost care and compatibility.

If you would like to reach Tenkap Consultants by whatsapp or telephone:

+90 545 219 6030

We would like to meet you



The parties to this New Relationship Consultancy Service Agreement and Tenkap Terms of Service (“Agreement”) are Yunus Sezener - Tenkap Kişisel Danışmanlık which is active at the address of Nispetiye Cad. Peker Sok. Esen Apt. B Blok No: 32 D: 5 Levent, Istanbul, Turkey (hereinafter referred to as “Tenkap”) and the person who is obtaining new relationship consultancy service from Tenkap and whose name and signature appear on the PERSONAL DATA CONSENT FORM, DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF THE NEW RELATIONSHIP CONSULTANCY SERVICE AGREEMENT AND TENKAP TERMS OF SERVICE (hereinafter referred to as “Person”).


This Agreement contemplates the terms regarding the rendering of service to the Person, who has applied to obtain new relationship consultancy service from Tenkap; and the obligations of the parties.


1. The conditions to obtain new relationship consultancy service from Tenkap are that the Person should be single and that the Person should not have any criminal records. These conditions are the essential conditions of this Agreement and the Person who has made such breach or misrepresentation shall be liable for all damages incurred by Tenkap or the other persons obtaining service from Tenkap due to the breach of these conditions at the time of application or thereafter or false pretense with misrepresentation. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Person represents that the Person is single and that the Person does not have any criminal record.

2. The Person can only obtain services from Tenkap via reference. The reference may be another person within the system or a person deemed as suitable and accepted by Tenkap in its sole discretion.

3. The new relationship consultancy service consists of Articles III. (TERMS OF MEMBERSHIP), IV. (RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE PARTIES), V. (GENERAL PROVISIONS) and VI. (CONFIDENTIALITY AND SECURITY PRINCIPLES) of this Agreement. Tenkap does not, under any circumstances, undertake that a spouse or new relationship shall be found for the Person. However, when there is a person who is obtaining service from Tenkap and who meets the criteria expected by the Person, the matching could be made and such persons shall meet.

4. There will be a meeting with the Person, whose application for obtaining services has been approved by the reference, following the execution of the Declaration of Acceptance of the New Relationship Consultancy Service Agreement and Tenkap Terms of Service at the office of Tenkap or at another place determined by the Parties. The first meeting shall be with Yunus Sezener or a new relationship consultant appointed by Yunus Sezener (“Tenkap New Relationship Consultant”) and shall be an algorithm meeting whereby the degree of importance of the choices of the Person and his/her expectations from the other side shall be determined and rational data shall be obtained and such meeting shall be free of charge.

5. The Person shall pay Tenkap the Tenkap membership fee before his/her first date within the system.

6. When Tenkap reaches a conclusion on the candidate who may be suitable for the Person according to the opinion of Tenkap, if need be, limited information on such candidate shall be submitted to the Person. Same information shall aso be submitted to the candidate who will meet the Person. Where the Parties state that they are fine with meeting with each other, Tenkap arranges a date in a public place under a reservation name which is different from the names of the candidates. Within Tenkap’s initiative, New Relationship Consultants may also arrange meetings in a public place in alternate ways. The Person agrees that he/she shall attend the so arranged date.

7. After 1 (one) business day following the date, Tenkap shall obtain a feedback from the Person via e-mail or telephone regarding how the date went. The Person agrees to give such feedback to Tenkap.


1. This Agreement has been sent to the Person via e-mail before coming to a meeting in order for the Person to read, review and assess all terms and conditions of the Agreement and notify Tenkap of any issues the Person wishes to negotiate prior to obtaining service from Tenkap. Upon signing this NEW RELATIONSHIP CONSULTANCY SERVICE AGREEMENT and tenkap terms of servıce by the Person and thus the acceptance of this Agreement, a valid and binding agreement will have been entered into by and between the parties.

2. The Person agrees and acknowledges that Tenkap only renders the service of arranging dates for the persons obtaining service from Tenkap in a public place during the process within the scope of this Agreement; Tenkap does not have any obligation and/or legal or criminal liability due to the actions and behaviors of the persons obtaining service from Tenkap towards each other or to third parties or the actions and behaviors of the third parties to the Person; and that Tenkap does not give any guarantee or undertaking for a long/short term relationship or finding a suitable spouse.

3. The only obligation of Tenkap under this Agreement is to render new relationship consultancy service to the Person. Since the purpose of Tenkap is to bring single persons which are suitable for the expectations of each other together but not to arrange casual dates, Tenkap is not under the obligation to invite the Person to the second meeting. Tenkap is also not under the obligation to transmit the feedback of one party to the other and to follow up how their relationship is going.

4. In the event that the Person, who has met a candidate via Tenkap, have not started a relationship with such candidate, Tenkap shall give the Person the opportunity to meet at the most 2 (two) candidates other than the candidate he/she has previously met within the period of 1 (one) year during which the Agreement will be in force in Tenkap’s own discretion. The Person agrees that the conditions of Tenkap to give such opportunity are that the Person acts in good faith, continues to be single and that Tenkap comes to the conclusion that the Person acted in a caring manner to a candidate during his/her date with such candidate. For the avoidance of doubt, Tenkap shall give the Person the opportunity to meet at the most 3 (three) candidates during 1 (one) year, if need be. During this 1 (one) year period, the negative or positive feedback of the candidates does not affect the number of new meeting opportunities of the Person. There is no limitation to the number of meetings for Tenkap Plus within the 1 (one) year service.

5. The only obligation of Tenkap under this Agreement with respect to the dates is to bring persons together in a public place and all the liability as of the time of the date shall belong to such persons and Tenkap shall not have any liability thereafter.

6. Tenkap service is an individual service and that it cannot be transferred to third parties.

7. In the event that there is a change in the relationship status of the Person following the commencement of the relationship, the Person shall inform Tenkap employees. In the event that the Person wishes to make any change in the information given in the meetings at the office of Tenkap, the Person shall be entitled to have his/her information updated by contacting Tenkap.


1. Tenkap may reject to render service to the Person, may suspend the service and terminate the Agreement at any time it wishes. In such circumstances, the Person agrees, acknowledges and undertakes that the Person shall not request any compensation from Tenkap under any name whatsoever.

2. Tenkap reserves the right to change the terms of service and meeting processes when Tenkap deems necessary or in line with the legislation.

3. The Person agrees, acknowledges and undertakes that the Person shall act in line with the legislation and this Agreement.

4. In the event that Tenkap incurs a damage and/or that a third party makes a request against Tenkap due to the breach of the obligation under this Agreement by the Person or due to other reasons, the Person agrees, acknowledges and undertakes to indemnify Tenkap for the damages incurred by Tenkap upon Tenkap’s first demand and to hold Tenkap harmless from all kinds of damages.

5. The Person agrees, acknowledges and undertakes that it shall not make any request against Tenkap for the damages which may occur, other than those arising from Tenkap’s willful acts.

6. The Person agrees and acknowledges that the liability regarding the validity, accuracy, continuity and actuality of the information given or stated by the other person whom the Person has met via Tenkap shall belong to such person who has given or stated such information. Tenkap does not have any liability towards the Person or third parties for the information which has been given to the Person by another person.

7. All rights on the content of Tenkap’s website belongs to Tenkap. The Person is forbidden to copy, publish or change the whole or part of such content. Tenkap shall be entitled to change the content of the Tenkap’s website due to any reason and without serving a notice.

8. In the event of the sale of Tenkap’s company in whole or in part, the Person gives consent to the transfer of this Agreement to third parties provided that Yunus Sezener and/or the team to be stated by Yunus Sezener continue to work at the current company or within the company which has purchased Tenkap.


1. The Person is under the obligation to give its real name to Tenkap employees. In order to contact the Person and to approve the membership, the e-mail address of the Person should be correct and valid. The Person undertakes the accuracy of the information he/she has given and the e-mail address.

2. The Person gives consent to the storage, keeping and sharing of all the identity and personal data shared by the Person with Tenkap with the contracted psychologist of Tenkap, persons or entities which Tenkap is working under a contractual relationship provided that there is a confidentiality undertaking, persons working under the order and instructions of Tenkap, Tenkap employees and other persons which are thought to be suitable for the Person’s profile upon assessment of Tenkap. The Person agrees that the statistical information given by the Person to Tenkap may be used by Tenkap for commercial purposes such as advertisement, promotion, marketing, research, etc. provided that there is no name or indication introducing the Person.

3. The Person agrees that the Person gives consent to Tenkap to send mails related to Tenkap’s introduction, promotion, campaign and opportunities to the e-mail address or telephone number given to Tenkap.

4. There may be direct or indirect links to other websites on Tenkap’s website for information or advertising purposes. The contents of the other websites the links of which are given through Tenkap website shall be under the liability of the linked websites. The Person agrees that Tenkap shall not be held liable for the damages which may arise from the contents of such websites and due to accessing such website via Tenkap’s link.


1. Turkish Law shall be applied to the disputes arising from this Agreement and the Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Execution Offices of Istanbul shall be authorized. In the event of a dispute, Tenkap’s book records and the records, information and documents of Tenkap including those on electronic environment shall constitute unilateral conclusive evidence within the meaning of Article 193 of the Civil Procedural Law.

2. This Agreement shall come into force as of the date of acceptance by the Person of the Agreement as stated in paragraph 1 of Article IV.

3. This Agreement shall be in force for a period of 1 (one) year. In the event that the Person wishes to continue to obtain service from Tenkap following the expiry of the term of this Agreement, a new agreement will be signed and the meeting processes shall start from the beginning. Under this circumstance, the Person shall be subject to the then applicaple Tenkap or Tenkap Plus membership fees. The prices for the membership of Tenkap and Tenkap Plus are standard for all members.