A system of questions designed to lay out your expectations and needs for your new relationship which also helps us figure out the most effective way to carve out your individual expectations. This is our chance to get to know the real you while keeping everything confidential. Together we create a frame for your ideal relationship and mail you a summary. You have a lot of fun answering our questions while getting to know yourself better.


The meeting process that comes after we examine your matches and pick the one we feel is right based on mutual answers and a minimum compatibiltiy ratio of 80%. We let our clients know why and where they match, why we think they are compatible and include photos as well in order to make the best introduction. Afterwards its just sending out contact information and arranging the meetings.


Your one-on-one consultancy process with our well trained and highly experienced relationship experts before, during and after your dates. We offer services in order for you to get to know yourself better, raise your self awareness and transform. Starting with relationship coaching, feel free to pick from any or all of the following services. ‘Psychological consulting’, ‘Nonviolent communication’, ‘Style and image consulting’, ‘First date consulting'.


The process of finding the right people if there aren’t mutually satisfying matches in our pool of clients for you based on your algorithm. We reach people that are right for our clients using our vast social network and in the event that their algorithms match, get them to meet each other.








Tenkap Headhunt


Our service in which Tenkap’s founder Yunus Sezener personally takes care of process and meets face to face with every candidate we choose for you before you even get to meet them.  




Our seminars presented by our staff as well as experts from all over the world about personal development, relationships and any other subject with the human being at the focus in open to all  curious participants. The seminars will not only create awareness, creativity and improvement in your life but also will get you to connect with other participants whom you shared common interests with.


We love entertainment as much we love to have fun ourselves. Therefore we organize events and parties for our clients and their close friends. You can see our events calender on our website bur keep in mind that we sent out individual e-mails to our clients to keep them informed and up to date. We have a team of people working non-stop to organize and plan events which will get you to think while having fun. If you would like to meet new people, have fun and try something new come out to one of our events and socialize. We are always happy to see new faces.


Everything in life comes down to relationships. It is highly crucial for us to know and have a good relationship with ourselves and then do the same with people around us. The key to creating the relationships we desire in our corporte lives is to have peace and harmony in our personal relationships first. We offer one on one and group trainings for everyone from your colleagues to your exectuives. We listen to your company’s needs first and then plan training modules to come up with solutions to your problems.

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