Founder & CEO

After graduating from Üsküdar American Academy followed by Koç University School of Law, Yunus worked as an attorney for three years. Then in Germany he completed his LL.M. studies together with an MBA.


Upon returning to Turkey, he pursued a career in Management Consulting and Human Resources as a recruiter. Yunus then founded Tenkap, a private personalized "Matchmaking" agency, in 2014.


During his years in Management Consulting working as an account manager, Yunus received accreditation on the Insight Discovery Model based on CG. Jung's personality studies and assessments.  Yunus is also co-accredited by ICF-approved Flow Coaching International School and is a mentor of relationships along with a Matchmaker certificate from the International Association of Professions Career.


Yunus continues to pursue various disciplines like detecting truthful vs deceptive micro facial expressions and body language.  All the while, developing his expertise on relationships by conducting and attending psychology based personal development seminars as well as volunteering simultaneous English translation service. Yunus Sezener is a proud father of his daughter.